The hospital is well known for the treatment of psychosis, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders(OCD), Neurosis,De addiction. Children with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. All these cases are handled by experienced Psychologist, Occupational therapist and well known, familiar and experienced female as well as the District Psychiatrist Dr K.Mahalakhsmi .

               Patients are provided with individual rooms and attenders are permitted too. Individual care being given for the inpatients and are reviewed daily by the chief Psychiatrist and by the psychologists.

               Many of the resistant cases are efficiently handled with very good prognosis. Many of the treated patients lead a normal life and many have got back their routine jobs. Having learnt the fact, patients having from different districts and abroad also got benefited.

  • Marital Counselling is effectively carried out by the clinical psychologist as well as by the multipurpose social workers, sex related issues are handled successfully.
  • A special memory clinic for Dementia is run by implementing Cognitive training methods. Cognitive behavioural therapy has bore the best possible fruits.
  • Multi model approach by the clinical Psychologist and the occupational therapist is carried out under the excellent guidance and supervision of the veteran Psychiatrist Dr.K.Mahalakshmi.
  • A reference to our consultation in future will be highly appreciable, and will be beneficial to the patients with Psychiatric problems.

The hospital has well equipped Lab and 24 hours Pharmacy.

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